Friday, March 27, 2009

Gordon B. Hinckley

I just finished reading a biography about the 97 year life of Gordon B. Hinckley, prophet and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Few have lived as he lived. He seemed to be running about accomplishing good all his life and he was doing it right up until he died. He didn't seem to take much time to warm up, and there was no warm down. I should like to live such a life.
I recommend the biography to anyone, though it takes some intent to read through it's 600 pages. I think that anyone who starts to read it, however, will feel compelled to complete it. The writing is easy and the stories inspiring. I am especially fond of his life's emphasis on working hard to accomplish good and a continual reference to the fact that he never retired, but as he got older seemed to be doing more and more. He is probably one of the most well traveled men in the history of the world and at 80 and 90 was keeping up a travel schedule to visit the people of the world that wore down his younger travel mates.
In any case, I encourage all to take the chance to read about this man and his life. If the world had more men of the integrity and work ethic of Gordon B. Hinckley I am of the opinion that not only would there be no recession, but the earth would have in good measure fulfilled the purpose of it's creation and heaven not be too far distant.
The title of the book is "Forward with Faith" and it is by Sherrie L. Dew.

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